"A successful man is one who can lay a firm

foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."

David Brinkley - American Newscaster






This Overview Contains The Following:





What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is the process of composing well-written articles about topics that your target audience is interested in, and posting them on websites other than your own (if you have a website, that is).

A well-conducted article marketing effort can result in the distribution of your article to thousands of relevant websites. This, in turn, sends an enormous amount of highly targeted traffic to your business, or to whoever’s business you are promoting.

Article Marketing is the process of increasing exposure to your products and services through articles that you write and other people post on their blogs and websites!



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Why Use Article Marketing?

To get the most out of your Article Marketing campaign, you need to understand each of the potential benefits of Article Marketing. Next, you need to understand how to maximize the return on your investment of time and effort spent from each of these benefit-sources.



Article Marketing can benefit all types of internet users. Whether you are a web owner promoting your business or an affiliate who is promoting someone else’s product or service, tremendous potential-benefits can be derived from Article Marketing.




Benefit # 1: Free Exposure (Lead Generation)


Article Marketing increases your exposure to interested users and directly drives traffic to your product/service and website.

When web browsers go looking for information about the kind of products or services you sell, they will find your articles. They may find your articles in one of two ways:

If your article is strategically written using the guidelines that we teach, it can rank highly in search engines’ results on your topic.


Browsers may also find your article on all other websites and blogs to which other people have copied your articles. This potentially enormous level of website-exposure can create a steady stream of qualified sales leads!


Adding articles can potentially generate a hundred times
more visitors to your website!


Zero Investment Marketing Technique!

What would you be willing to do to get a steady stream of qualified and interested sales leads? How much would you be willing to pay? According to Seth Godin, the renowned marketing expert and author of Permission Marketing, “Paying 20% – 30% of expected revenues for a single lead is not unusual.”

In contrast, you don’t need to sell your soul for Article Marketing! You don’t even need to spend your precious capital on an expensive list of potential clients.

All you need to do is compose one or more strategically written articles about your products or services.


You don’t need to spend precious capital on article marketing; It’s free!



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Benefit # 2: Income-Generation

With increased exposure to your website, a larger proportion of visitors will purchase your products and/or services. Thus, simply through the increased exposure generated by your articles, you can generate more income!

Simply through the increased exposure generated by your articles, you can generate more income!

Once you become more advanced, we will teach you how to leverage the increased traffic to your page and attract other sources of income through advertisers and ad-sharing revenue.

You will be able to sell traditional banners or work with third party ad placement groups such as Google Adsense. This can generate earnings from simple page views as well as from related product clicks.


And For Affiliates…

If you participate in any affiliate programs that are based on traffic, than your Article Marketing program can help with that, too. Essentially, since you have more eyes and potential customers to work with, you stand a much better chance of getting clicks, views, and partner sales. It can be a real boon for your business.

There are many other avenues of using your articles and the efforts of other web/blog owners to generate income!



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Benefit # 3: Search Engine Ranking

Article Marketing campaigns can also help you with your search engine rankings. You already know that search engines' ranking is important for ensuring that you get "eyes" on your site. You may already be spending money on improving your page rank through other means.

Article Marketing significantly improves
your search engine rankings


Article Marketing significantly improves your search engine rankings, no matter what other programs you have designated for this as well. It works, because with each article that you present in an Article Marketing campaign, you earn a link to your site.

These links to your site, known as ‘back links’, earn you points with the search engine web crawlers. These points in turn, help move you up in the search-results.




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Other Benefits

Many other benefits are accrued as part of an Article Marketing campaign. These include brand recognition, reputation enhancement, and improved trust and loyalty levels, as we will explain more fully in our course. These benefits are all the more reason to take the plunge and start an Article Marketing campaign as soon as you can.

As with any other online business and income-building project on the web, Article Marketing takes a bit of finesse. However, while some strategy is required, you don’t need fancy certifications or a specialized background. You can do this easily, and do this well!




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What you will learn in this course

For Newcomers:

In this course, we will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to be an expert article marketer so that you can draw thousands of visitors to your website!


You will learn all of the important elements of article marketing, including:
  • Reasons why Article Marketing is effective
  • Writing articles that get read and get results
  • What not to do, and the reasons for not doing it
  • Case studies of articles that work and why
  • Where to place your articles
  • Publication aids
  • Outsourcing work to save your time and talents
  • Conducting extensive keyword research



For Professionals:

We will add to your knowledge, and provide you with tricks and strategies for increasing web traffic to your site.


Included in your course are: 
  • Leveraging forums and blogs
  • Using Squidoo
  • Use automated software to write and submit articles with as little time and effort as possible
  • Segmentation techniques to writing highly converting articles
  • Case studies of articles that work and why


Both Newcomers and Professionals will learn each topic in detail, with step-by-step tips and tricks gleaned from professional marketers who are using this tool on a daily basis to achieve results.


Case Studies

Throughout this course you will have the advantage of seeing examples and case studies that bring the possibilities alive. All of the concepts will be presented so that you will be able to clearly understand what you need to do and how you need to do it.

Following this course, you should be able to accurately
and efficiently launch your own profitable
Article Marketing campaign!


Important Note:

All of the information presented here is as up to date as possible considering the ever-changing nature of the internet. Examples represent what is currently the norm, rather than last year’s trends.

This course has been designed and written by real article-marketing experts.