You don’t have to be a ‘person of influence’ 

to be influential."

Scott Adams



Influencing people to buy your product or service online is not an easy task. However, studies show there are quite a few things that a website's owner may do that can increase sales significantly.


Here are a few points that will teach you how to influence people to believe that you are the best choice for their needs.

Ratings and Reviews

Having ratings and reviews sections on your website will entice people to visit your website again with a greater chance of them signing up for your service.


If you display a testimonial on your site, it would be better to publish as much information about that person (the one behind the testimonial) as possible, because it gives the testimonial better credibility.


It’s basic psychology - people tend to believe what others say or do, so positive comments about your website or product will direct their minds into making a favorable decision. main Publications page:


An Example

Take a look at’s main publication page. Notice the number of views, the first article has about 1548.


Under every article title, the number of comments (user feedback) is listed; the first publication, for example, lists that it has 21 Comments. The more comments there are, the more likely a reader is to read the article.




An article with many comments gives the reader the impression that it is an interesting read, because there are so many people reacting to it.



Instant Gratification

It is an interesting, well known fact, that people would rather get something instantly, than waiting for a longer period of time to get even as twice as much.


Studies show that 86% of people would prefer getting $10 in their account today rather than $20 in over two weeks! The rational about it is that we, as humans, don't like to postpone satisfaction, and we want to get things now – and the faster the better!



Try to give visitors something right away! People will not stay at your site for too long, and this is a fact(a frustrating one at that). Give them something right at their arrival. Put an ad, coupon or offering on your front webpage. This will automatically make them feel positive about your product.


Even if you don't have anything to give for free, use words with instant gratification like “instantly”, “immediately”, “Now” etc.


Get Straight to the Point

You only have about 2-3 seconds to make your first impression! A user will decide in a nano-second if your content is relevant to them or not. Therefore, your first sentence needs to be attractive and must capture the fundamental nature of your services immediately.

Take for example an 'affiliate marketing' course, whose first sentence is:


“Earn $500 everyday as an Affiliate Marketer!”


It is a simple, yet powerful statement that touches the main idea behind a person’s desire to partake in affiliate marketing – and that is to make money!



Heat Maps

Heat maps are illustrations of web pages, which show how users browse through a website, and which areas of the web-page are most viewed.


Most people tend to browse web-pages in a similar way, meaning there are spots that are viewed more, in contrast to "dead" spots, which users look at less frequently.


Here is an example of a heat-map that will help you in deciding where to put your most important ads or points of information on your page layout.....





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