Who is eMarketSchool for?





Although we provide training for all types of internet marketers, our program is designed to cater to your specific area of interest, whether it is marketing for newcomers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, or website owners.


Our client base is extremely diverse and includes the following groups:
  • Freelancers
  • Existing affiliate marketers
  • Unemployed individuals & people looking for extra cash
  • Website and blog owners
  • Expert internet marketers
  • Individuals with no internet marketing experience at all



We are the one stop shop for all e-Marketing!


Our focus, drive, and passion is to teach people how to be proficient in Internet marketing. We believe that learning should be easy to understand, fun and most importantly - practical.



At eMarketSchool, we want you to enjoy your learning experience, and earn great profits!


Freelancers learn how to:

  • Reach more customers quickly
  • Market services with little or no money
  • Easily create mini-sites and generate instant traffic
  • Increase sales among existing clients
  • Develop a brand name by becoming an expert contributor to blogs and forums




New and existing affiliates discover how to:

  • Make money on the Internet using a variety of methods and business models
  • Find the most profitable products and services to promote online
  • Locate good and reputable merchants
  • Use innovative marketing techniques to reach many more users


Web site owners learn how to:

  • Incorporate the best practical methods for increasing web site traffic and sales
  • Use tools to improve conversion and ROI rates significantly
  • Define target markets and expand product lines
  • Apply productivity enhancing tools necessary to promote themselves more effectively



Newcomers learn how to:

  • Use the internet to generate passive income
  • Find products with high profits potential to market online
  • Attract thousands of targeted customers
  • Know about the latest trends before anyone else
  • Build an automated marketing campaign and watch it grow steadily
  • Find new business opportunities


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